Are you contemplating a career in homeopathy? Your motivation might stem from personal encounters with a homeopath, witnessing transformative homeopathic therapies, or an aspiration to enter the healthcare field and establish your own practice. It's possible that you've already administered homeopathic first-aid remedies to your children, or you're a seasoned professional exploring a career shift or broadening your horizons.

Studying homeopathy can be an exciting and fulfilling journey, contributing to both personal growth and professional development. Member Schools and Colleges are all ACHENA accredited, offering flexibility with full and part-time options to suit your needs. Entry requirements typically assess your aptitude for academic study, enthusiasm, and commitment to educational and professional advancement – why not get in touch with 2-3 course providers and see what they can offer you.


As a homeopath, your responsibilities will encompass various tasks, including evaluating patients’ symptoms and lifestyles, receiving and analyzing cases, elucidating remedies, preparing and administering homeopathic treatments, documenting client records, providing advice on healthy living, and marketing your services if you operate independently.


Homeopaths have the flexibility to practice in diverse environments, such as therapy clinics, their private residences, or by traveling to clients’ homes. This career path empowers you to create a positive influence on individuals’ lives and actively contribute to their overall well-being.

Collaboration and Excellence in Homeopathic Education
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