The Council’s mission is to support member institutions to deliver educational excellence in classical homeopathic education and quality health care.


  • To support the development and improvement of educational programmes in Classical Homeopathy 

  • To develop recommended curricula for degree, diploma and other educational programs

  • To encourage scientific research, innovative teaching methodology, and faculty development

  • To provide a forum for discussion of issues relevant to member colleges

  • To serve as an information resource for member colleges, other colleges and organizations, regulatory agencies, and the public

  • To encourage ethical business practices among member colleges

  • To work with accreditation, certification, licensing and regulatory agencies to develop appropriate educational standards and requirements

  • To promote increased public access to high quality health care provided by well-trained practitioners of Classical Homeopathy

  • To promote and support professional standards for homeopathic treatment and education

Collaboration and Excellence in Homeopathic Education
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